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Italo Lupo Orafo

Italo Lupo lives his time in close contact with people and when his mind is saturated, a jewel sees the light that gives off communicative, unique, and absolute energy. This freedom of analysis and creation is followed by cold technical moments. Thought becomes jewellery. He always wish present something different, including by reassessing traditional jewellery, after carefully studying materials and meanings. His workshop and showroom in the throbbing heart of modern Pescara appears almost unexpectedly, a sort of casket full of precious objects and good taste determined by the wish to propose personalised, bizarre, rigorous and refined jewellery, made from time to time for different personalities, but always driven by the desire to wear and own something dedicate.


Via Roma, 35 - 65122 Pescara

Telefono +39 08527666

Fax +39 08527666

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Showing 1 - 12 of 49 items