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Azienda Dolciaria Cerasani

Dolciaria Cerasani is an established company that has over half a century. The quality and reliability, together with a passion for their craft, are the "ingredients" which underpin the philosophy of the family Cerasani. The story begins in the 50s, when grandfather Attilio Cerasani begins with a small wood-burning oven for baking. Over the years the tastes begin to refine and customers, become numerous, require increasingly specific and more tradition-bound "Abruzzo" .So joins the production of bread, cake production, according to the ancient recipes of Abruzzo . The amaretti, nougat, mostaccioli and especially the "Ferratelle" are sweets that begin the success story of confectionery Cerasani. The company is thus transformed from a small bakery shop in an established and respected throughout the country and internationally.


S.S. 83 KM 8 - 67058 Pescina

Telefono +39 0863898105

Fax +39 0863898093

Cerasani Attilio -

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Showing 1 - 12 of 45 items