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Delixia S.r.l.

DELIXIA S.R.L. was established in 2008 as part of SBARAGLIA GROUP . The modern factory is located in Abruzzo, the region situated at the centre of the Italian peninsula facing the Adriatic Sea.

Delixia is the Italian producer of dulce de leche, a new irresistible flavour suitable also for bakery products and ice-cream

Delixia is contributing to a revolution in the Italian confectionery sector with its groundbreaking range of dulce de leche-based products. In just a few years, this company has become the Italian leader in its field and one of the main European producers. Due to its innovative vocation, Delixia strives to meet the need of all its customers, its products are therefore coeliac-friendly, suitable for the lactose intolerants and, recently, also available in a 100% organic version.

The company has also recently developed a new original product: dulce de leche cold cream. Soft, creamy and intensely flavoured, this delicacy is ideal on its own or matched with many different toppings, from bitter chocolate to whipped cream, chopped hazelnuts, fruit and so on.

With the consumers becoming increasingly health-conscious by the day, it's difficult to strike a balance between new exciting flavours and genuine healthy properties but dulce the leche fits the bill, as we can easily ascertain just by analysing its composition. On the other hand, Italians believe that sweet products can be a part of a healthy dietary regimen, a statement supported by important studies on Italian nutrition habits and lifestyle. 

Delixia welcomes this market's new challenges, aiming at promoting dulche de leche both nationwide and abroad, placing its bets on innovation and quality, blended with excellent service and communication, to create a new demand for a strong, groundbreaking product.

Our long-term strategy seeks to substitute, or at least lessen the habitual consumption of hazelnut spread by Italian consumers. Rich in calories and fats, hazelnut spread is definitely ill-fitted for a healthy diet. Some of the food demand's aspects, although, seems to be adverse to innovation.

Our company is certified in terms of quality management (ISO 9001:2008) and food safety standards (FSSC 22000:2010). Furthermore, we produce Organic dulce de leche, certified by ICEA.

100% gluten free, hence coeliac friendly, our products are also lactose- colouring-GMO and preservative-free.

Delicious and low in fats, this delicacy is ideal to give you the energy boost you need, even for playing sports! It's because of this, in fact, that Delixia srl promotes Beach Tennis: a new flavour for a new dynamic, engaging sport attracting an ever growing number of people who want to enjoy life in a healthy, natural way!


DeliXia s.r.l. - via Castellani, 13 - 65010 Spoltore (PE) - Italia

tel.: +39 085 4971672 - fax: +39 085 4971649 - e-mail:

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