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Cantina Ripa Teatina

Cantine Mucci

CANTINA RIPA TEATINA is born in 1970 as cooperative association among wine growers, it includes about 400 members who cultivate ca. 700 hectares of vineyards, included in the zones of Ripa Teatina, Francavilla al Mare, Bucchianico and Chieti. On the last years, the dedication and the cure for the cultivation and the good vinification have given to the winery a high qualitative level, linked to the tradition taught from fathers to sons and open at the same time to technological innovations. The deserved merit obtained in most important wine competitions is the boast for our work that aims to the continue improvement for the productive and qualitative standard. Cantina Ripa Teatina has different exclusive brands for Doc, Igt and table wines, produced following both the new slant in wine and food and the market request.


Cantina Ripa Teatina Società Cooperativa Agricola 

P.Iva: 00118480698

C.Da Casale n.61, 66010 Ripa Teatina (CH), Italia

Tel: +39 0871.399001, Fax: +39 0871.399133

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items