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Protomax Glassato Stage 1 - Flavour: Lemonchoc - Oranchoc, Cocochoc View larger

Protomax Glassato Stage 1 - Flavour: Lemonchoc - Oranchoc, Cocochoc


PROTOMAX is made with selected ingredients in order to obtain a product with extraordinary nutritional characteristics and at the same time keeping it tasty and enjoyable. PROTOMAX is an ideal product for athletes who want to combine the pleasure of a good tasting biscuit with high protein intake and giving them the energy for sustained activity.

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As result of the high use of fibres and proteins, CiaoCarb PROTOMAX GLASSATO STAGE 1 drastically reduces the intake of carbohydrates compared with a traditional biscuit. Combined with a correct diet and an adequate physical activity, it helps to lose weight and to reach a better physical shape without renouncing to the tastiness of a traditional meal.

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Azienda Food Italia

Viale S.Tinozzi
Manoppello Scalo, Pescara 65024

+39 085 8561895

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"Founded in May 2005 by three entrepreneurs in Abruzzo, Fooditalia srl operates in the production and marketing of food, in the segment of healthy baked goods containing high-protein, low carb and low-calories. Fooditalia srl is a company that is positioned halfway between, traditional homemade food and worldwide food producers, based in Manoppello Interport, in the area of Abruzzo and is spread over an area of about 15,000 square meters, which 4000 are dedicated to production. Since its inception Fooditalia has stood out for its ability to combine the traditional Italian food with the renewed needs of consumers who are increasingly attentive to their physical well-being. Since it is the age-old habit of man to put at the basis of the diet foods with cereal flours, the key was to “disguise proteins as carbohydrates.” "

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