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Genziana Casauria 27% Abv Capacity 50Cl View larger

Genziana Casauria 27% Abv Capacity 50Cl

Enrico Toro

Genziana Casauria

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Today, this liqueur obtained through the infusion in alcohol of select and premium gentian roots, known for their properties, is knowing a growing success among those who love love sipping drinks with a marked identity. A fine digestive, particularly pleasing and original in its slightly bitterness.

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Azienda Enrico Toro Distilleria Casauria

Via Tiburtina, 18
Tocco da Casauria, Pescara 65028

+39 085880279

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The Toro Distillery is the tale of a family and a territory, in which it is deeply and historically rooted. The Toros have embedded their bicentennial business in Tocco da Casauria, in a strong bond with its green fields, so close and welcoming: in 1817 the chemist Beniamino Toro senior, created the Centerba, a precious liqueur made of wild and natural plants, wisely blended, select and picked from expert hands on the slopes of the Maiella Madre and Morrone. Today Centerba Toro is a craft product, pride of the liqueurs’ tradition of the Abruzzi, appreciated all over the world. Its secret composition is still the one of the 19th century, scrupulously preserved and passed on descents: a recipe that commemorates the lure of these places and expresses the climates of this land in the most authentic manner

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